Tuesday, 9 April 2013

Book Tour!

Hello folks, I'm back at last! Been so busy!

Last September I managed to have a virtual tour with my book, Charlie's Trips, lead by Mrs. Tracee Gleichner from Pump Up your Book. And the result is rather interesting! A couple of positive reviews came out, along with a handful of interviews of me, I'm inviting you to discover them today. Even if I'm a bit disppointed because the tour lasted less than a month, with only 2-3 commentaries from bloggers, and because the website didn't deliver a review of my book as it was supposed to, it was so special for me to find my book liked and positively reviewed, it's still a very weird event.
Here are the reviews, from:

Minding Spot

Paula Mitchell, from Book Lover Stop

Reading with Monie

The minimum, yes? But I enjoyed the Minding Spot review, I'm very grateful. I'm even more grateful to well-known UK gossip newsletter Popbitch who published, a month before (on August), a very flattering thread about my book, unfortunately invisible now ('Come on, Random House, you need a hit, publish this.')

Wow! Did my book deserve such a comment, and does it still deserve it? I'm asking, because Random House didn't spot it so far ;) We'll see. A real promotion campaign, and a big one, is about to start - I hope so... In the meanwhile, check out this interview, and have a good read!

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